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Hi, I'm Kelly.

I have come to know that the health of our physical body is directly affected by the health of our energetic, mental, and spiritual bodies. Through work involving massage and yoga with hundreds of clients, I have seen direct correlations between particular areas of tension in our tissues and bones and held perceptions about ourselves and others. The amazing findings have been that personal practices to shift choices and ideas can positively affect our physical bodies in return!


 Since the pandemic my business, and our lives,  have changed dramatically. 2020 delivered the support and connection that I needed to make some of the biggest changes to my family and my lives.  I began exploring Hindu philosophy,  sound therapy, and meditation while growing my instrument collection to include a harmonium, shruti, crystal singing bowls and drums.  I discovered the power of chanting Sanskrit mantras and have spent time with my teachers deeply exploring this transformative practice.  I am excited to weave both sound and chanting into my offerings, where applicable, and discover how these ancient tools can support us all in the busyness of today's lifestyles. 

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