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Includes customized movement, sound, meditation and philosophy. 

Private sessions for up to 4
$100 for 75 mins
$380 for 4 sessions ($5 off per class when bundled)

Sessions for up to 8 
$150 for 90 mins 
$560 for 4 sessions ($10 off per class when bundled)


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My first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2007, was with Anna Pittman of The Breathing Space, in Hatha Yoga.  This lineage focuses on the physical aspects of static poses- specifically with alignment, and pranayama, or breathwork. Meditation workshops then began to filter into my life, but it wasn’t until my second, 300-hour Kunga Yoga teacher training in 2019, when I cultivated the desire to sit daily in meditation and began to chant Sanskrit mantra. I had many fantastic teachers through the Kunga system but my highest guru, Noelle Whittington was the one that opened the door to mantra for me.  Mantra is a word or sound, originally in Sanskrit, repeated over and over, to aid in concentration and meditation.  Kunga yoga emphasizes more customized asana classes and service work.  How do we give back? Be on the lookout for community classes and events aimed at creating supportive connections for families and friends alike.  I invite you to get personal and bring your concerns to the mat….. they’re affecting you greatly. You have the power to find the answers you seek and I can help guide you with ancient practices involving not just movement, but sound and meditation as well.

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